The Venetian Villas’ Wine Route


The Land of Venice is also a land of art and history and, without doubt, also a land of wines. And not just any wines but some of the very best Italy has to offer. Vines have been grown for centuries in and around the grounds of the Venetian nobility’s summer residences, houses which not just designed to be places where the aristocracy could spend the summer but often as farm complexes which, with their vineyards, cellars, and sales, became the life blood of the whole region’s economy.

Today, some of these vineyards are still in production, continuing a long-standing tradition of outstanding wines and welcoming visitors for tastings and events.

Any trip to discover Venice’s Villas, Castles and Stately Homes also offers the chance to get to know the highly regarded wines of the land of the Venetian Republic.

To give you the chance to taste wines from right across the Veneto Region, whilst also learning about Venice's history in a completely new way, we have created an unmissable tour for you, built on tradition, authenticity and, of course, outstanding wines.

A 470 km-long tour through our valuable heritage of villas, castles and vineyards as far as the eye can see and, of course, the chance to taste the wines produced in the Land of Venice.

Depending on your preferences and how much time you have, our itinerary can be adjusted to suit you, allowing you to discover the region’s outstanding wineries, from single-day trips to an in-depth ten-day wine tour around the Land of Venice.

On this tour, you can also stay in historic villas, extraordinary castles and stunning stately homes, enjoying a country stay just like the Venetian aristocracy used to.
You can enjoy incredible frescoes by Tiepolo and some of the greatest Italian artists of the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries.

You can immerse yourself in the sounds and scents of the countryside and its vineyards, take a stroll in the Valpolicella or Euganean Hills, marvel at the Prosecco Hills or those around Treviso, where vines are still the distinctive feature of the landscape, part of the Veneto region’s identity.

Ma soprattutto, potrete assaggiare e apprezzare alcuni dei migliori vini d’Italia: dal Prosecco al Serpino - famoso vino fruttato dei Colli Euganei - dal Tai Bianco dei Monti Iberici al Tai Rosso e al Cabernet, dall’Amarone al Valpolicella.

But, most importantly of all, you can sample some of Italy’s finest wines: from Prosecco to Serpino - the famous fruity wine from the Euganean Hills - from Tai Bianco grown in the Berici Hills to Tai Rosso and Cabernet Sauvignon, from Amarone to Valpolicella.

And there is more: alongside the tastings, you can hear stories about the land where these grapes are grown and about the families who have made these wines for centuries. Many of the vineyards of the Venetian Villas, Castles and Stately Homes are still run by the descendants of the ancient noble families which founded them and this helps to make our itinerary so special.

Our itinerary features cities of art, individual or guided tours, lunch or dinner in places of such beauty that they will leave you spellbound, well-known homes of timeless works of art, breakfast made from locally sourced seasonal produce, and the hospitality of owners whose families have been looking after these historic homes for generations. All of this and much more awaits on our tours exploring the outstanding wines of the Land of Venice. 

You can choose the length of your tour and contact us for help to plan it together:


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The Venetian Villas’ Wine Route

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